What do the candidates think – Making use of your RHI voucher

Logic4training speaks to solar thermal candidate, Tom Hunisett at our Luton centre about the Renewable heat incentive (RHI) voucher scheme and getting into the world of Renewable energy.

Tom started his Renewables training with Logic4training in April. He is the first candidate to receive an RHI Training support voucher. Tom, who works for TSG building services, talks about how he got into Renewables, what he thinks about the scheme and his excitement at prospect of a bright and lucrative future for engineers making use of the scheme.


With the domestic RHI launch a couple of weeks ago, many installers and central heating services (like TSG) are predicting a big up take in biomass boilers, solar thermals and heat pumps within the home.

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Domestic RHI is launched!

After much anticipation, the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been launched today (9th April 2014), offering homeowners payments to offset the cost of installing solar thermal, heat pump and biomass technologies.

Applications are open now, so installers looking to help their customers take advantage of the domestic RHI can start the ball rolling. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat, and is open to everyone – home owners, social and private landlords, and people who build their own homes.

Technologies covered:

  • Heat pumps: Both ground and air source. As air source heat pumps are likely to be the most popular technology, suitable for most homes, we’ve launched an air source only heat pump course. Click here for details.
  • Solar thermal hot water: Suitable for almost any property with a sunny roof, evacuated tube panels and liquid filled plate panels are both covered by the domestic RHI.
  • Biomass: Wood fuelled heating running on pellets, chips or logs. We’re launching a biomass training course in the coming months. Contact us for more information.

Only one space heating system is allowed per property but homeowners can apply for solar thermal and a space heating system.

The guaranteed payments are made quarterly over seven years for households in England, Wales and Scotland. (Northern Ireland has its own RHI scheme). The scheme is designed to bridge the gap between the cost of fossil fuel heat sources and renewable heat alternatives.

To apply for the domestic RHI and find out more, visit: www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-programmes/domestic-renewable-heat-incentive

Logic4training delivers solar thermal and heat pump training (including our new air source only heat pump course). To find out about these and our other renewable training programmes, click here.

Want to train for less? Vouchers are still available under the RHI Training Support scheme, with prerequisite courses now also covered. Click here for more information.

Apply for vouchers at www.rhitraining.co.uk.



Changes to MCS – are you competent?

MCS registered installers should be aware that the rules have tightened up, bringing this competent persons’ scheme more in-line with the likes of the Gas Safe Register. From April, all companies wishing to obtain their MCS certification must meet a range of new competencies. Examples include the fact that solar thermal systems can now be installed with a design heating requirement of up to 70kWth, individual products, however, must not exceed 45kWth. 70kWth is the ‘domestic’ limit within the oil and gas sector.

For heat pumps and solar thermal hot water, these new competencies are covered in Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) courses, now the only qualifications recognised under MCS. After April, non-QCF courses will no longer be accepted as a route to meeting MCS’ skill requirements.

Am I competent?

To help installers understand these competencies MCS has introduced a Competency Checker Tool, which candidates can use to identify which roles and criteria they think they already fill, evidence of which will be required to present to their MCS certification body. This will also highlight any gaps in knowledge, clarifying whether formal training is required.

The new framework places an equal emphasis on experience and on qualifications. Training is not the only route to demonstrating these competencies and operatives who have been working with renewables for some time may be eligible to go through the ‘experienced worker’ route, which includes an on-site assessment. This is a big step forward in making the whole process more transparent from the installer’s perspective.

Looking to up-skill? Don’t forget to take advantage of the Government’s Renewable Heat Training Voucher scheme - 75% or £500 off the cost of related courses (heat pumps, solar thermal hot water and biomass). Vouchers are supplied on a first-come-first serve basis, so make sure you register your interest at www.rhitraining.co.uk.

QCF courses from Logic4training

All renewables training delivered through Logic4training leads to QCF qualifications. We currently offers design and maintenance Level 3 QCF courses in the following disciplines:

The MCS Competency Checker, can be found here: http://www.cctmicrogenerationcertification.org/


More Green Deal cash back

Cash back for homeowners benefitting from the Green Deal has increased for some Green Deal measures; such as double glazing, solid wall insulation and ‘room in roof’ insulation (for those who have loft conversions).

Green Deal cash back increases:

•Up to £4,000 is now available for solid wall insulation, up from £650

•Up to £1,000 for anyone needing ‘room in roof’ insulation, increased from £220

•Up to £650 for households installing double glazing, from £320

The Department for Energy and Climate Change is also extending the scheme. Applications for Green Deal Cash-back can now be submitted up to the end of June, with a further three months for households to install energy efficiency measures and redeem cash-back vouchers, giving them more time to take advantage of the scheme.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: “Inefficient homes use a lot more energy than they need to, which consumers pay a high price for.

“The extension and increase to Green Deal cash-back means more families will be helped to have warmer, more energy efficient homes and lower energy bills by next winter. These changes also create more opportunities for the growing number of authorised green deal companies.

DECC has also raised the cap on cash-back payments from 50 per cent of a household’s contribution towards costs, to two thirds, meaning more people will be eligible for the maximum cash-back level

This may have a knock-on effect for gas boiler installers, working under the Green Deal Quality Mark – more interest in the scheme in general, should see all of the measures become more popular, also including renewable technologies.

We deliver Gas ACS training and assessment, plus renewable courses in solar thermal, solar pv and heat pumps. Logic4training is also approved as a location to redeem RHI Training Support Vouchers.

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RHI Training Voucher scheme extended

The RHI Training Support Voucher scheme has been extended, with an additional £150,000 added to the £500,000 pot.

The scheme, which offers £500 or 75% off the cost of training in solar thermal, heat pump and biomass training, plus an apprenticeship initiative, has been subject to high demand. Based on the early indications of interest and the number of vouchers already issued, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has decided to increase the funding for the scheme in order to further bolster the supply chain in the run up to the launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive.

Giving consumers and installers reliable information is an important part of helping them make decisions about their heating system. With the launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive imminent, it is an important time to ensure that consumers have a range of installers to consult, and that these installers are trained to the very latest standards.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

“Today’s (11/02/14) announcement is a positive reflection on the industry’s willingness to come on board with the government’s push towards renewable heating. I am excited to be able to announce this additional funding, which should be taken as yet another sign of DECC’s commitment to renewable heating and the imminent arrival of the domestic RHI this spring. By incorporating renewable heating into the businesses of many off-gas grid installers, consumers unsure about their next heating system will be able to more easily access knowledgeable, trusted sources of advice in their home.

Griff Thomas of GTEC Training Ltd, who are administering the scheme, said:

“We are delighted that the uptake in vouchers has been so positive and we have seen some great feedback from the industry already, we think the additional funding will make sure that the scheme delivers all of its objectives”

Logic4training is one of the first training providers delivering courses approved by the RHI Training Voucher scheme; Solar Thermal Hot Water and Heat Pump training, with biomass being made available in the coming months.

To book your course, contact us.

If you haven’t yet applied for a RHI Training Voucher, do so now at: www.rhitraining.co.uk




RHI Training Vouchers – courses available now!

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Training Support Vouchers are now available, redeem yours at Logic4training for heat pump and solar thermal training. We deliver the Logic Certification versions of these courses - currently the only qualifications recognised by the scheme.

How to apply:

Visit www.rhitraining.co.uk, click on the ‘Voucher Application’ tab and at the bottom of the form, if you’re interested in heat pump or solar thermal training, select Logic4training as your preferred training provider. You can only apply for one voucher at a time, so installers looking to train in more than one discipline will need to complete one course at a time – once a course is complete, you can then go on to apply for a new voucher.

Providing £500 or 75% off the cost of training, the RHI Training Support Vouchers are a great incentive to get up to speed with the technologies covered by the domestic RHI, due to launch in the coming months.

Logic Certification’s QCF Level 3 Awards in the Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Hot Water are the first courses approved by the scheme; with content in-line with the new MIS technical documents and the revised methods and standards put in place for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

If you haven’t yet applied for an RHI Training Voucher, do so now! Vouchers are allocated on a first come first serve basis, until money runs out.

Visit www.rhitraining.co.uk to apply. For installer’s who have been quick of the mark, Logic Certification qualifications in Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Hot Water are available at Logic4training centres now.

Contact us for more information.

Pre-requisite qualifications for QCF renewables courses

Prior to booking a Level 3 QCF course in Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaics or Heat Pumps, Logic4training is urging candidates to check they hold the appropriate pre-requisite qualifications.

To clarify what entry requirements are needed, we have updated our website with the following information:

SOLAR THERMAL HOT WATER SYSTEMSQCF L3 qualification in Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

Candidates must hold ONE of the following:

  • Level 2 or 3 NVQ or SVQ in plumbing/heating & ventilation/gas/oil – installation and maintenance
  • A valid Core Gas Safety (CCN1) certificate
  • An OFTEC Oil certificate
  • A valid HETAS certificate

Operatives must also hold ALL of the following qualifications (if they are not held as part of an NVQ):

SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMSQCF L3 qualification in Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

Candidates must hold ONE of the following:

Operatives must also hold:

HEAT PUMP SYSTEMSQCF L3 qualification in Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

Candidates must hold ONE of the following:

Operatives must also hold BOTH of the following qualifications (if they are not held as part of an NVQ):


Click on the links above for further course information.

Condensing biomass boilers get RHI boost!

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has announced that condensing biomass boilers will qualify for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), when the scheme is launched in spring 2014, provided they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Condensing biomass boilers previously had come under the spotlight amid fears that certain pollutants discharged could pose a threat to the aquatic environment. These concerns sparked rigorous government analysis of this technology and the potential impact on water quality of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) being emitted in this type of boiler.

However the tests, undertaken on behalf of Defra, have concluded that the risk from certain pollutants discharged from condensing biomass boilers is minimal.

Mark Krull, marketing director, of Logic4training, commented; “This is great news for the biomass market and for installers. It opens up a wealth of business opportunities for the trained biomass engineer and provides homeowners with another clean, green way of efficiently heating their homes, and potentially generating some revenue.”

The announcement applies to all eligible condensing biomass boilers installed between 15th July 2009 and the launch of the domestic RHI next year, as well as those installed after the launch of the scheme.

The tariff for biomass heating systems is 12.2p/kWh – all of the heat output of biomass systems is considered renewable under the Renewable Energy Directive, so payments are based on the estimated heat use from the EPC. Those installing biomass-only boilers will be eligible for an additional incentive of £200 per year if installing a metering and monitoring service package.

Logic4training will be delivering biomass training in the coming months, contact us for more information.

Training related to the domestic RHI is currently eligible for DECC’s voucher scheme – £500 or 75% off the cost of an approved solar thermal, heat pump or biomass course. Visit our blog for more information. Register your interest at www.rhitraining.co.uk.




New RHI training voucher scheme, train through Logic4training

The 24th October saw Logic4training play host to Energy Secretary, Ed Davey  and the launch of a new £500,000 training voucher scheme in a bid to raise the skills set of existing plumbing and heating engineers, equipping them with the expertise needed to install and maintain renewable heating systems.

Tom Hunisett, TSG Building Services - the first installer to receive a training voucher, Edward Davey, Energy Secretary, Griff Thomas, GTEC Training

It is hoped that the scheme, which offers up to £500 or 75 per cent (including VAT) of the cost of training, will prove the necessary incentive for engineers looking to break-in to the ‘green’ market place, ensuring the industry is appropriately skilled to meet demand when the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive kicks in early next year.

Apprentices will also receive the support they need from a free ‘green’ apprenticeship places designed to encourage fresh talent to the renewables sector, making it more affordable for new entrants to gain the relevant qualifications needed.

The vouchers will cover training on:

A maximum of five vouchers per company will be available to applicants and to be eligible the company must be a small to medium enterprise (SME).

How do I apply for a voucher

Initially, installers should register their interest at www.rhitraining.co.uk, or by calling the helpline 0844 870 9459. Vouchers will be issued on a first come first served basis. There is a limited pot of money available so we suggest you register as soon as possible. As soon as the scheme is up and running fully, we’ll let you know.

Currently, Logic4training delivers solar thermal and heat pump training eligible for the voucher scheme, with biomass coming on board shortly. You can only use the vouchers with approved training organisations, of which we are one.


The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) official press release can be read here:




Revised solar thermal calculations are good news for the RHI

The revised solar thermal calculation, the basis for payment under the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), provides an uplift to renewable heat by as much as 85%. Great news for end users and solar thermal installers alike.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) published the new calculation as part of a far-reaching review of the standards under which solar heating systems are installed in the UK.

“We welcome the improvements to the energy calculation,” said Paul Barwell of the Solar Trade Association (STA). “Since the announcement of the domestic RHI tariffs in June, the industry has been waiting for clarity on this point. At last, solar installers can put the benefits of solar heating under the domestic RHI in front of potential customers.”

The STA has worked out that the changes to the energy calculation have increased the deemed renewable heat by between 14% for a two person household and 85% for a six person household, providing a significant boost to the value of the payments under the domestic RHI.  In addition, the effect of the efficiency of the back-up heater (usually a boiler) is recognised, increasing the annual energy saving presented to the customer by at least 30%.

Stuart Elmes, Chair of the Solar Thermal Working Group at the STA and a contributor to the development of the new standards said, “Solar installers who took a look at the tariff of 19.2 p per kWh and decided that the domestic RHI wasn’t all that good, should look again at the numbers. The new calculation makes a big difference. We are also doing some work around the financial benefits of the hot water cylinder upgrade which we intend to reveal shortly.”

The STA is hosting a free Solar Thermal Seminar at the Solar Energy UK Event, NEC, next Tuesday (8th October), between 10.45 and 13.00. Delegates will hear about the new energy calculation, the domestic RHI and the impact on solar thermal return on investment.

Interested in becoming a solar thermal installer? Logic4training delivers MCS approved training from its centres in Northolt, Basildon and Luton. Contact us for more information.