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Gas Metering Engineers route to CCN1

 Nov, 27 - 2018   Gas

Gas metering engineers holding certificates for CMA1, CMA3 or L2 Smart Meter Diploma (Gas or Dual Fuel) can now upskill to become a domestic gas heating installer with our Domestic Gas Heating Installer – Experienced trades package. The course includes ACS Scheme qualifications – Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety (CCN1),...

Smart metering – making your operations smart

 Oct, 30 - 2018   Smart Meters

Ganymede & Logic4training event highlights the future of smart meter delivery   The smart meter roll-out is now in full swing, with homes and businesses across the UK making the switch to a greater understanding about the cost of the electricity and gas they use. Since September, next generation smart...

Electric cars: Demand for charge points infrastructure

 Jul, 10 - 2018   Electrical

Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, aims to make it easier to recharge an electric car rather than refuel petrol or diesel vehicles, by introducing more charge points throughout our towns and cities. The government announced a ban on new diesel and petrol cars and vans in the UK from 2040 in...