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Gas installation companies, apprentices available to meet all your needs!

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Help create a sustainable workforce and a prosperous future for your business – recruit an apprentice through our innovative scheme!

We have launched a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship: Gas-Fired Wet Central Heating: Gas Emergency First Call Operatives is designed for those dealing with gas escapes, taking the appropriate actions, and making appliances, people and property safe.

Because we work directly alongside employers, we can tailor the apprenticeship to meet the needs of your business, making sure they have the relevant knowledge, ideas, skills and procedures that complement your day-to-day operation.

As employers are sourced first, we are able to ensure the right support is in place for both employers and apprentices, resulting in a 90 per cent success rate of getting apprentices straight into full-time employment. We will help you with the recruitment process through entry requirements, assessment days and interview, to ensure you get the right person for the job.

The advanced level apprenticeship provides the best possible preparation to achieving skilled status within the industry, and may see candidates progress to supervisor, managers or general manager status.

If you’re a Luton-based employer interested in recruiting, call 0345 845 7222, or email In addition to First Call Operatives, we can also deliver apprenticeships for Gas, Network Construction Operations and Smart Metering.

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