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New Career at 40 – 2 Top Career Ideas 40 year Olds Swear By

July 29, 2017 featured image

A new career at 40 sounds daunting but it’s rapidly become the norm in fast moving Britain.

It’s not just the younger generation that are considering a career change.

You may have had the same job your whole career. Don’t let that put you off! It’s never too late to do something completely different!

Are you unhappy? Being made redundent or just plain bored?!

Change is achievable whatever your situation or age and the trades are amongst the most popular options when it comes to a new career start, especially later in life.

Gas and Electrical are probably the most lucrative and reliable. We all need power, heating and hot water.

As we move towards a low carbon future, developments in these sectors mean you could also be contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

Ask yourself…

If you are serious about embarking on a new career or go back to an old one at this stage in your life, you have probably considered a lot of different things.

Answer these questions:

  1. Do you want to work for yourself?
  2. Do you want more free time?
  3. Do you want to earn steady, reliable cash?

Option 1 – Become a Gas Safe Registered engineer

There are upskilling options that provide a quicker route to achieving the qualifications you need to operate safely and legally as a gas installer. If you have transferable skills, such as plumbing, building or other related trades, we can tailor the programme so you don’t go over old ground.

Our new entrants programme for gas has routes for complete novices and experienced trades.

We offer free introductory sessions at our centres where we assess candidates to see which route to Gas Safe Registration is best for them.

At the end of this process, you will be able to get on the Gas Safe Register and then work legally as an installer!

If you want to learn more about a career in the gas industry download our Ultimate Guide to the gas industry 

Option 2 – Become a Domestic Electrical Installer

Becoming an all singing, all dancing electrician takes time but there is another option which is ideal for tradespeople who need to carry out basic electrical work.

If you want to work in a domestic environment, become a Domestic Electric Installer!

Similar to Logic4training’s DGHI – New entrant course, our Domestic Electrical Installer package allows you to train intensively on key skills needed to undertake various jobs and opens up further possibilities for progression.

It only takes 4 weeks to complete and will allow you to register with several domestic installer/competent person schemes (NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT etc).

Learn more about becoming a Domestic Electrical Installer – Click Here

Option 3 – Retraining

Perhaps you worked as an apprentice for a while when you were younger or you had a trade and let your qualifications lapse, could you go back?

With the right experience, it’s just a matter of being able to prove you know what you are doing.

You might feel a little rusty but overcoming that lack of confidence makes the difference, if you can prove to yourself you can still work your trade then take it further.

Logic4training provides technical meetings and interviews for tradespeople returning to Gas and other trades.

Usually someone will call us and we will arrange a meeting with one of our centre managers, discussing experience and past qualifications.

If you are interested, why not email 

Don’t let age hold you back. Life begins at 40!

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