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Commercial laundry, coming soon to Northolt and Basildon

June 19, 2013 featured image

Commercial laundry covers non-domestic appliances such as those used in laundrettes, schools and hospitals. To better cater for all types of gas engineer, we will soon be offering the ACS commercial laundry course, CCLNG1, at our Basildon and Northolt centres.

The course is required for any installer wishing to work on non-domestic laundry gas installations and appliances. In addition, candidates must also hold the relevant appliance element. Commercial laundry training will cover the following elements:

  • Gas safety, legislation and standards
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Tightness testing and purging
  • Unsafe situations, use of emergency notices and warning labels for pipework
  • Operation and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves
  • Products and characteristics of combustion
  • Checking and/or setting meter regulators (and supply/appliance regulators)
  • Unsafe situations, use of emergency notices and warning labels
  • Operation and checking of appliance gas safety devices and controls
  • Re-establish existing gas supply and relight appliances
  • Ventilation and installation of chimney (exhaust duct)

To be eligible for commercial laundry training, candidates must already hold one of the following core qualifications:

We’ll keep you posted as to when this becomes available, but if you’re interested in finding out more before commercial laundry training and re-assessment is available at Northolt and Basildon, get in touch!

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