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Help your Customers understand the Gas Safe Message

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Some recently reported research has highlighted the confusion that still exists around the Gas Safe Register and its predecessor, CORGI.

An independent survey conducted by Ariston in association with a leading UK national newspaper reported that 27% of respondents would ask their gas engineer for evidence of CORGI registration, even though the registration body was replaced by the Gas Safe Register almost a decade ago!

The survey also reported that one-in-ten respondents were unaware that they needed to contact a Gas Safe registered heating engineer if their gas boiler developed a fault or broke down.

These statistics support the results of our  Gas Card Survey carried out last summer, which revealed the majority of installers could do more to foster understanding amongst their customers.

What can be done to Improve Consumer Awareness?

Although it is encouraging that the majority of survey respondents do seem to have an awareness of the Gas Safe Register and its role, with carbon monoxide still responsible for around 25 deaths every year in the UK, those involved in the gas industry must not sit on their laurels.

It seems there are two main areas that need improvement:

  • Consumer awareness of the Gas Safe brand and what it means
  • Installer engagement

How can Gas Engineers help?

Installers on the ground have a huge influence on consumers’ understanding of the importance of using a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The Gas Safe card is the perfect tool for starting a conversation with your customers about installer credentials and gas safety.

How can I use my Gas Safe Registration to its full Potential?

  • Show your Gas Safe card every time you provide a quote, work on an appliance or meet a customer for the first time.
  • Display your Gas Safe credentials and branding on all your promotional and marketing materials, from your social media to your quotes and invoices.

There are three key messages to get across to consumers:

  • Gas Safe registration is a legal requirement
  • They should always ask to see a Gas Safe card
  • They should familiarise themselves with the information on the card

Download our Gas Safe Card Checklist for more information.

The more we spread the gas safety message, the more doors we slam shut on rouge traders and illegal gas fitters performing shoddy gas work that puts millions of people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and fires.

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