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How much are you charging for boiler replacements?

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The price of a boiler replacement varies wildly depending where you live in the country, with the difference as much as £504.

Following an analysis of more than 5,000 gas combi-boiler replacement quotes throughout the UK, it’s clear that where you live has a massive bearing on price – even when the house and boiler type are the same.

Most Logic4training gas installer trainees operate in and around London, which, unsurprisingly came out as one of the most expensive places. The top spot goes to North Wales, however. This may come as a shock to some; particularly as people living at the other end of Wales benefit from the lowest boiler replacement prices.

David Holmes, founder of Boiler Guide, the company behind the research, has an explanation: “While it’s well known that London is the most expensive place to live in the UK, it’s also the most densely populated area with in excess of 8.85 million living there in 2018. When there are more people, there are more homeowners and more gas engineers which makes for a competitive marketplace.

“In stark contrast, North Wales is sparsely populated with under 700,000 people living in a rural, rugged and mountainous landscape. With so few inhabitants living in isolated communities, engineers are able to be less competitive with their pricing if they feel they are able to.”

Average boiler replacement costs by region:

  • South Wales: £1,865.23
  • North East: £1,897.39
  • Yorkshire & the Humber: £1,921.00
  • North West: £1,976.40
  • East Midlands: £2014.11
  • Scotland: £2,030.68
  • West Midlands: £2,041.70
  • South West: £2,199.87
  • East of England: £2,273.31
  • South East: £2,286.65
  • London: £2,357.64
  • North Wales: £2,389.00

How much are you charging for boiler replacements? Does it tally with this research? Are you charging less or more??

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