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The gas industry’s got talent

May 12, 2014 featured image

Running alongside Gas Safety Week 2014 (15th-21st September), is ‘Gas Safe Heroes’, an initiative set up to celebrate the work of a professional registered engineers who has helped to keep an individual, family or community gas safe!

Have you helped prevent a serious gas incident, such as carbon monoxide poisoning or a potential gas explosion? Have you identified and put right any illegal gas work or held neighbourhood events to raise awareness of gas safety issue? If so, tell Gas Safe Register about your efforts!

If you’re an engineer passionate about gas safety then click here to tell Gas Safe Register your story! By providing this information, you will become a ‘Gas Safety Hero’ and you and your story will appear on the Gas Safety Week website. As a hero, you can also nominate yourself to be a spokesperson for Gas Safety Week 2014.

Gas Safety Week is a national safety campaign to raise awareness of gas safety in the UK’s 21 million gas-fuelled homes. Click here for more information on how to get involved.

Need to renew your ACS qualifications? click here.

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