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How to manage your gas safe qualification expiry dates

 Dec, 06 - 2016   Gas

Here’s something we often get asked by gas installers: “When are my qualifications due to expire?”

It may be easy as a sole trader to keep track of but what if your business has 5 or more engineers with several qualifications due to expire at different times?

Gas Safe Register has a section which allows you to download a spreadsheet (CSV or Excel) providing you with a list of all the engineers registered with a given company, along with their qualifications and the expiry date.

It’s a useful tool but it still involves a little house-keeping and you may not have the time or resources.

Click Here to login to your Gas Safe Register account


Gas Safe Register business section

This is the section for Gas Safe businesses. As you can see “Download Engineer Work Categories” has been ticked and CSV has been selected.


Logic4training can help


With a bit of excel expertise we can keep track of expiry dates and issue reminders should you need them.

If you would like us to keep track of your engineer’s qualifications simply log in to your GSR company account and export the spreadsheet as a CSV.

You can then send it to us so that we can work out what needs doing and when.


“This is a great way for any Gas Safe registered business to keep on top of their engineers ACS competence certificates ensuring you have plenty of notice to book in for a course and arrange work schedules well ahead of time by taking advantage of the MOT style service.”

“By sending this list to us we can run a simple script to sort and highlight by expiry dates so you can see at a glance which ones need your action and when. If this simple step is diarised every 6 months it will keep on top of this task for you and by saving the old ones it will also give a history of all the engineers you have included under your registration”

Logic4training MD Mark Krull