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Is it hard to find the right information to become a Gas Installer?

 Dec, 05 - 2016   Gas

The key to becoming a gas installer is being Gas Safe Registered, but it’s not as easy as it sounds! 

Installers applying to be Gas Safe Registered must meet strict conditions before they are legally allowed to work as a gas installer.

According to Gas Safe Register: “Before applying to register you will need relevant qualifications and evidence of your competence”.

Evidence of competence is awarded through the process of proving to the awarding body that there is the necessary experience to take the assessment.”

Sound confusing enough?!

Depending on your prior experience in the gas industry and/or what you want to do as a job, there are a number of different routes in.



Apprenticeships combine practical on-the-job experience with study for the relevant qualifications e.g. NVQ or SVQ.

Apprenticeships can be an ideal way to enter the industry as you get to work alongside experienced gas fitters and gain job-specific skills, as well as earning while you learn.


Logic4training’s DGHI – New Entrants Package

Logic4training’s Domestic Gas Heating Installer (DGHI) – New Entrants Course is a seven-week Managed Learning Programme for those wishing to enter the gas, heating and plumbing industry but who don’t necessarily have relevant experience or qualifications.

On completion of the training, candidates will be at the correct-level to undertake Gas ACS training and assessment – a pre-requisite of becoming a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Where can you get information about qualifying?

But there is no one single place that you can go for information!


Conflicting advice

Even with the best intentions, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there and with training realistically costing well into the thousands to complete, the lack of solid guidance can make for some very tough decision making!


Your experiences…

How did you get into the gas industry?

Did you find it difficult to find the right information?

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