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Homeowners Still Aren’t Checking Installer Credentials

 Sep, 30 - 2016   Gas

New research conducted by Worcester Bosch Group has revealed concern around the habits of homeowners and their heating systems.
The study found that almost half of Brits would not ask a heating engineer to show their Gas Safe Register card before letting them work on a gas appliance.


More than one in three asked was unaware that they should check an installer’s credentials before letting them start work in their property.


Reasons for not checking


  • 19% of respondents had been recommended the installer by a friend and did not feel the need to ask
  • 12% were too embarrassed to ask
  • 11% felt that the engineer “looked genuine”

Over a quarter of people were less likely to check that an installer was Gas Safe registered if they had been recommended by a friend, their heating had broken down in winter (15%) or if they had struggled to find a heating engineer in the first place (12%).


46% of people also said that they have skipped booking in an annual boiler service, raising further questions over the current policy of optional boiler servicing.


Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, said:


“There is clearly a worrying indifference among homeowners when it comes to verifying the credentials of anyone who comes to work on their gas appliances.

 Initiatives such as Gas Safety Week are an important tool in educating homeowners and protecting the exemplary safety record of heating engineers in this country.

However, alongside sound advice, such as only using a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit, fix and service your appliances, we would like to see an increased focus on encouraging homeowners to have their gas appliances serviced every year.

Nearly 80% of those we asked thought annual servicing should be made a legal requirement, and it is without question that this would have an extremely positive impact both on the safety aspect and the carbon footprint of the country’s 22 million gas boilers.”


Do your customers ask to see your Gas Safe ID? Are they aware when they should be getting their annual boiler check? Tell us about your experiences with your customers @Logic4training