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MPs Demand Protection From CO Poisoning

 May, 05 - 2017   Gas

MPs have demand that low income families must be protected by the government from CO poisoning.

Thanks to recent research from Liverpool John Moores University, it showed that those from low income households are most at risk of CO poisoning.

The Government also stated an intention in its White Paper in the hope of fixing the broken housing market and overall improve safeguards in the private rented sector.

As a result, an Early Day Motion has been tabled by Margaret Ritchie.

This motion should protect those who rent, especially those most at risk (low income households) from the threat of CO poisoning.

Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, Margaret Ritchie MP, said:

“Sadly, my constituency has experienced loss to CO poisoning, and I find it startling that regulations implemented in Scotland which will be saving lives have not been implemented across the rest of Britain and Northern Ireland. It is a silent killer.

You can’t see it, smell or taste it, but it can kill without warning. A carbon monoxide alarm could save someone’s life and installing them should be mandatory to protect renters from this silent killer.”