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What is #RegardTheCard?

 Jun, 28 - 2017   Gas

Over the past couple of months you may have seen on Twitter the hashtag #RegardTheCard but what does it actually mean?

Simply put, #RegardTheCard is trying to point out the importance of having a gas safe card on show by encouraging gas installers to share/upload a picture showing theirs.

This trend was brought about after shocking data showed customers rarely ask to see the appropriate identification, putting their homes at risk from illegal gas work.

Therefore, by having a gas safe registered card visible to customers it separates them from the cowboys in the industry.

It’s important to protect the industry, do your bit by telling your customers to always ask to see a gas safe card before letting them work.


Who’s Involved?

There has been some great involvement from suppliers, training providers, magazines and installers like; Worcester Bosch, Gas Safe RegisterGas Safety Superheroes, Installer Magazine, HVP Magazine, HIP Magazine, I.R.B Heating, P B Plumber and many others.

Check out some recent tweets:

If you want to get involved, just go on Twitter, upload your picture and use the hashtag #RegardTheCard.