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Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Updated

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The government are set for the third release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund on the 16th March 2015. Releases one and two have already helped thousands with energy saving home improvements and the new release is set to be just as popular.

Installers will be in demand for installing some of the larger energy saving measures like insulation or replacing an old boiler with a new, energy efficient one.

Helpful Advice For Applicants 

You will need to have the following paperwork to complete an application:

A Green Deal Advice Report or an Energy Performance Certificate which is less than two years old and which recommends the measure(s) you are applying for. Visit the Green Deal Oversight Body website to find a Green Deal Assessor in your area. Please note, a refund towards the cost of your Green Deal Advice Report is subject to a successful voucher application, the installation of the eligible measures through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and compliance with the scheme terms and conditions.

A quote for each energy saving improvement for which an application is made. When you’re getting a quote, compare prices so you know you’re getting the best deal available.

The quote must include:

  1. Your name;
  2. The address of the property to be improved;
  3. The name of the installer or provider doing the work.
  • (The company must be registered to install measures under GDHIF)
  • (The company’s name on the quote, must be the name they’ve used to register with the GDHIF scheme)


  1. For each measure, the total estimated cost of the work to install the measure, inclusive of VAT if applicable and any discount or refund to be applied (either before or after payment) and excluding any finance interest or cost.


Information for undertakings (e.g. landlords)

Applicants who are undertakings (within the meaning of EU law relating to State Aid, for example landlords) must also submit proof of ownership for the property(s) in respect of which they are applying. A list of acceptable ‘proof of ownership’ documents will be set out in the Customer Terms and Conditions.

People applying for the scheme must be the Owner or Occupier of the property they are improving. Managing agents will not be eligible to apply under the scheme.

Because of the incredible popularity of the GDHIF funds are limited and you will need to provide the above documents when you apply. It is also important to check the GDHIF terms and conditions as the DECC may vary the terms of the scheme (including incentive rates). They may also suspend or close the scheme, with immediate effect, without notice and at any time.

Follow the DECC on Twitter – @DECCgovuk

Installers, It is worth mentioning to your customers that they can apply for the fund if they are looking to make improvements in the following areas:

  • A condensing gas boiler on mains gas
  • Double or triple glazing as a replacement for single glazing
  • Secondary glazing
  • Energy efficient replacement external doors
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Flat-roof insulation
  • Insulation for a room in the roof
  • A replacement warm air unit
  • Fan-assisted storage heaters
  • A waste water heat recovery system

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