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What Do You Need to Know About Energy Related Products (ERP)?

March 27, 2015 featured image

We saw some big changes for boilers in September 2015. The energy related products (ErP) directive came into effect and if you’re an installer, you need to be aware of it.

What Do the Changes Mean for You?

Gas Boilers

Non-condensing boilers will no longer be allowed and an integrated low energy pump (for gas boilers specifically) will be mandatory.

Installers need to understand and learn the energy labelling system and what it means as they are responsible for providing the energy labelling for a complete heating system. There are already guides out there for you to refer to. We recommend looking at the one that the Heating & Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) has produced for installers. You can read it here.

Boiler manufacturers now have to make sure that all of their products have compliant and correct energy labelling, if they don’t they could face legal action or criminal prosecution.


This is the same for installers, so it is crucial that you get your labelling right!

Installers will need to calculate the systems efficiency figure, based on the different components of the system. This includes the boiler, controls, heat pumps, etc which will then be added to the energy efficiency “package label” to complete the installation.

This will be enforced by The National Measurement Office through product testing and market surveillance.

Labels to Look Out For

energy labelling

Heater Installer Check List

In addition to the mandatory energy label, a package label is also be needed for packages i.e. when heating products are installed together (e.g. a boiler or heat pump with a solar cylinder or controls).

As heating installers are usually the ones who sell heating products to the end customer there are a number of new responsibilities to be aware of.

  • Take on Labelling responsibility as the dealer (person who sells, hires, offers for hire-purchase or displays products to end user)
  • Display labels correctly to customers
  • Legally required to produce a Package Label when selling certain combinations of heating equipment to customers.
  • Producing a package label every time a boiler is fitted.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

There’s no reason why the ErP directive will cost you any money, nor is any extra training required. Here at logic4training, we’ll make sure that candidates are aware of any extra responsibilities.

Installers will still be able to install products purchased prior to September 26th but after that boiler manufacturers and installers must ensure that the products they use and the systems they commission meet the minimum requirements within the new ErP directive.

Need More Information?

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