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What do installers really think of ErP

September 11, 2015 featured image

ErP arrives on the 26th September 2015 and it’s clear to us that this is one of, if not THE biggest talking point for installers and plumbers over the last couple of months.

The trade press have reported on the mixed nature of the response from installers. One story in Heating & Plumbing Monthly reported that Plumbers welcome the arrival of ErP.

“According to a survey among Bristan Connect installers, three quarters (67%) said they welcome the arrival of ErP stating that it is vital if the UK is to achieve its 2020 carbon reduction targets.”

This largely positive response reported in the article certainly raised a few eyebrows on social media. When we asked our Twitter followers what they thought, the responses were universally negative.

“Find an installer who is happy with it and knows 100% how it works. Bet you can’t” @GasManGod

And the negative response to ErP didn’t stop there.

Installer online published an article from Chris Flaherty, owner of Vietec Heating, who has also tweeted us on several occasions to voice his concerns.

He has gone as far as to call for the ErP to be stopped before it launches in order to get it right.

In the piece, Chris highlights the fact that the ErP does not take into consideration things like insulation, room sizes, radiators and the many other factors that will affect heating efficiency in a property.

“We can get a property that requires a new boiler, well insulated with triple glazing, then we fit a new boiler with quality rated controls and from the Fiche we’ll get a system rating of A+. Then we’ll probably feel quite comfortable with that.”

“But we could fit the exact same system in a draughty house with poor quality insulation and single glazed windows, and the Fiche would still produce a rating of A+.”

Many of you agree with Chris. The main concern seems to be this: Installers are worried about misleading customers by rating the heating system based on the boiler and its controls alone.

“We’re gas engineers not energy assessor’s.” @howard_heating

This leads to another question, does the ErP affect the overall energy efficiency rating of a property? Has that been taken into consideration?

The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is already a legal requirement when a property is built, sold or rented and is the job of an accredited assessor. In Scotland it is necessary to display this rating somewhere in the home (usually next to the boiler or in the meter cupboard.)

Could an Energy assessor make the final decision on the heating system and include the rating of the rest of the property to give the home owner/Landlord a clearer and more complete efficiency rating?

Most of us are sceptical, for those of us actually working in the Gas or plumbing trades it is generally seen as a waste of time in it’s current form.

In the UK it also seems as though it could prove to be confusing for consumers, so does anyone really benefit?

Many of those who have voiced their concern believe that the ErP directive will have to change if it’s to work for everyone however, it is very difficult to argue with EU regulation, especially as a small company or an individual.

We will be keeping a close eye on things over the next few months. In the meantime let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.


Stop ErP And Get It Right – Before It Launches (Installeronline)


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