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How professional are you?!!

December 9, 2019 featured image

Did you know that kitchen fitters are believed to be the least professional tradespeople in the UK?  73% of people who took part in a survey commissioned by put them at the top of the hit list.

The survey results showed that kitchen fitters were closely followed by tilers, at 69% and builders, at 65%. Plumbers came lower down the list at 48% and Electricians lower still, at 30%.

What makes someone unprofessional?

Here’s a list of the top bad-habits that tradespeople should avoid:

  • Not turning up when you’ve arranged or agreed to come
  • Overcharging for work
  • Poor workmanship
  • Taking too many breaks during the day
  • Being on your phone too much
  • Taking advantage of your customers hospitality – snaffling too many biscuits!

Do as you would be done by

Reading between the lines, it all comes down to respect. Your customers’ opinion is key to your reputation, so don’t take any chances and make sure you treat them well.  Be polite, turn up on time, work tidily and efficiently and your good reputation will lead to more work.

Referrals are still king when it comes to winning new business and negative online reviews can be incredibly damaging. Good customer service is essential for success.

Customer service is always an important topic, here’s a couple of historic blogs we’ve written about the subject:

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