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Keeping Elderly Customers Warm Over Winter – Tips for Oil Installers

 Jan, 28 - 2019   Oil

Last winter there were an estimated 50,100 excess winter deaths in England and Wales*, 15,000 of which were related to a cold home**.   This is the highest number of excess deaths recorded since the winter of 1975/76.   Oil installers know that in extreme weather conditions supply shortages can...

Good News for Oil Engineers

 Aug, 29 - 2018   Oil

The popularity of oil is still strong, particularly for off-grid households where it continues to be a cheaper heating option compared to electricity, LPG and renewable heating technologies.   For engineers, a career in the heating sector offers both job security and flexibility. There’s no shortage of domestic or commercial...

Is there a future for oil heating?

 Feb, 06 - 2018   Oil

Decarbonising the heating industry is high on the national and global agenda, but where does this leave the estimated four million off-grid homes, the majority of which rely on oil for their heating? Fossil fuels are quite rightly being phased out in favour of more sustainable and renewable heating sources,...

Does the decrease in oil costs threaten the future of green energy?

 Aug, 10 - 2017   Oil

With the cost of electricity and gas constantly on the rise it seems, recent figures showing a drop in the price of oil make it an attractive option for domestic heating. OFTEC is calling for the government to reassess its energy policies but it’s a complicated issue. For householders who...

New ‘Tank Safe’ Campaign

 Mar, 31 - 2017   Oil

OFTEC and NICC have launched a new campaign to ensure that over 400,000 oil-heated homes in Northern Ireland are ‘tank safe’. The campaign was launched to raise awareness that older tanks can have various problems, therefore its important that homeowners understand how to look after their oil tank. Check out their information video below,...

OFTEC: Oil prices creep up but boiler sales stay strong

 Dec, 06 - 2016   Oil

OFTEC have revealed new statistics showing that sales of oil boilers are up 13% on 2015, making this year on course to be the best since 2007. OFTEC says that the sustained low price of oil has undoubtedly been the most significant contributory factor. Typical GB annual fuel costs for...

OFTEC & FPS ready to launch “Tank Awareness” campaign

 Jun, 06 - 2016   Oil

OFTEC and FPS are working together to finalise the launch of a new campaign to encourage oil users to replace ageing or damaged tanks. They estimate that there are around 400,000 + single skin domestic tanks still in use which are more than 20 years old.   The campaign will...

“Excellent news for oil heating installers” – Say OFTEC

 Nov, 19 - 2015   Oil

OFTEC have great news for manufacturers of oil boilers and the installers that work on them.   You may have noticed that oil heating has been getting a lot of great press recently. In 2015 oil prices have dropped to a six year low meaning that it is currently the...

Demand for OFTEC training as oil prices fall

 Sep, 04 - 2015   Oil

Demand for Oil installers is set to rise as Oil prices continue to fall, leading to an increase in installers considering OFTEC training courses. Oil prices in Great Britain have reached a six year low according to the latest figures from the Sutherland Tables, a recognised independent source of data...

Oil Is now cheaper than mains gas for domestic heating

 Feb, 18 - 2015   Oil

Oil Is now cheaper than mains gas for domestic heating The latest industry figures show that oil is now cheaper than mains gas when it comes to home heating. As oil costs have continued to fall are we about to see a dramatic change in the way we heat our...

Oil prices fall, time to become an oil installer?

 Dec, 15 - 2014   Oil

Is it time to become an oil installer?   For years now oil has been expensive, driving up the cost of motoring and pushing off-grid homes and businesses to switch to renewables. Times have changed. In June oil was about £74 a barrel and more recent figures stand at £46.55,...