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Quality Plumber Week 2014 – Here’s what you need to know

 Oct, 02 - 2014   Plumbing

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) launched “Quality Plumber week” on the 1st September. Running until the 5th October, the week aims to celebrate the skilled work that quality plumbing and heating engineers carry out every day.


Plumbers need to have a diverse range of skills, dealing with anything from a cracked cistern, frozen pipes or busted boiler. This level of skill often goes unrecognised, so Quality Plumber week has been set up to give good plumbers the attention they deserve. Why should the Mario bros get all the glory?

The week is also there to raise awareness of using properly qualified, trained and accredited plumbers in a bid to reduce the number of rogue traders operating in the trade.


“There are thousands of excellent plumbers working throughout England and Wales who provide exceptional service and advice to homes and business. Unfortunately for them, rogue traders seem to grab the headlines which tarnish the entire industry. On behalf of not only our members, but also every hardworking plumber, we want to recognise the hard work and strong skill-set behind the work that they do.


“Throughout our first ever Quality Plumber Week, we call on plumbers to help highlight the invaluable work that plumbers do.”

John Thompson, Chief Executive, APHC


A recent APHC survey found that despite 83% of homeowners putting professional qualifications as a priority when choosing an engineer, nearly half didn’t request any information on qualifications or experience!

The people asked cited embarrassment and trusting credentials on vans and websites as reason enough for not requesting more details. This obviously leaves people vulnerable to rogue traders, poor quality work and potentially dangerous appliances.

To join in with the conversation on social media use the hashtag #QPW14


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