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Heat Pumps are on the Rise

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Stories in the national press this week on Global Warming have made depressing reading and left many of us wondering what on earth we can do to help. 

A recent report from Research and Markets offers more optimistic news by announcing sustained growth in the popularity of heat pumps, suggesting that perhaps the off-putting initial costs are now being put into perspective.

People are beginning to realise that the efficiency and longevity or heat pumps makes them a real contender for those looking to move to more sustainable heating methods.

What does the Report Say?

Research and Market’s report shows that the number of heat pump units bought and installed in Europe has risen for the fourth year running.

By the end of 2017 the number of heat pumps across Europe reached 10.6 million and 1.11 million units were sold in 2017 alone, a rise of 10% on the previous year.

The report goes on to say that signs from several European markets indicate percentage growth in double figures has continued throughout 2018.

It also predicts that the number of heat pump installations may have doubled by 2024 to over 20 million.

Why the Rise in Popularity?

Concern for the environment and a commitment to reducing emission figures are key.

What initially began as guidelines in various European nations has now become legislation.

There’s a real incentive to look for greener energy solutions and renewables targets of 32% by 2030 have put a strong focus on accelerating the switch to renewables for heating and cooling our homes.

Here in the UK, certain heat pumps are eligible for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Help Meet the Demand!

With this expected growth, comes a challenge to industry to design and produce even more efficient units and reduce costs for the consumer.

In addition to this, the building services industry needs to step up and provide installers with the knowledge they’ll need to fulfill the anticipated growth in demand.

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