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Why the Frack should I care about Domestic RHI

April 10, 2014 featured image

On the 9th April 2014 the UK Government Launched the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI). This is a financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat (such as: Solar thermal biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps) essentially promoting the use of renewable energy in the home in an effort to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

“People who join the scheme and stick to its rules, receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat their system produces.” Ofgem

Great news right, this means the more self-sufficient and green you are the more you benefit and hopefully, the more money you save.

So if we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, rely less on gas and other fossil fuels why is the government so insistent on Fracking?



Grey areas

You may have seen the documentary, “Gas land” which highlights the environmental damage of Fracking in the USA. It became infamous for its scenes involving homeowners setting their tap water on fire.

Although there is still a lack of clear cut evidence that Fracking is a threat to the environment, reports of air and water pollution persist, as well as links to tremors and minor earthquakes. The apparent effects on the people living near Fracking sites are also hard to ignore with the drinking water poisoning some of the populationThis cannot be a coincidence.

David Cameron is still adamant that it is the way to go (see this BBC news article from January) which leads to the confusion regarding the true value of the domestic RHI scheme.

If our government is still promoting the use of gas extracted in, potentially, the most environmentally unsound way, why should we bother spending money on making our homes green? If our government won’t take the lead and focus on clean, renewable energy why should we?

Why should we care?

After the recent reports that inaction on climate change has become catastrophic, we all need to care. That means everyone, homeowners, business owners, politicians, corporations, EVERYONE!

The Domestic RHI scheme may seem like a small step but it is a small step in the right direction and, if it works, will see homes become miniature, self-sufficient power stations.

Villages like Balcombe will hopefully become common place, proof that affirmative action and the power of community can still make a difference.

Surely looking after our environment, so our descendants can breathe clean air and enjoy nature, is the most important responsibility we have as human beings?

The evidence to support man made climate change is now overwhelming. Education and training is now the key to changing the public’s attitude on green issues and the importance of clean renewable energy.

Renewable energy training courses

We want to be a part of the solution. Logic4training offers a variety of courses for engineers wishing to move into the renewables sector (Here)

If the Domestic RHI scheme takes off, which we all hope it does, demand for engineers specialising Solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass (a course we’re launching soon) will increase.

If you have an RHI training support voucher you can use it with Logic4training to save money on any of our renewable courses as well as the prerequisite courses.

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