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Warnings on security for smart heating technology

Installers are being asked to take care when recommending smart heating technology amid fears that customers personal data could be stolen.   Technology moves so fast it’s often the case that we adopt a new device before fully understanding the potential pitfalls.   With well-publicised issues surrounding the theft of...

Game of tools – Technology in the trades survey

 Aug, 11 - 2015   Technology

Technology survey results There is often a great deal of competitiveness amongst the trades as to who works hardest, who’s job is the most technical or how many jobs a day can be completed.  Stereotypes get tossed around on a day to day basis and it got us thinking, what’s...

Battle of the trades – Take our Techie survey

 Jul, 10 - 2015   Technology

Let the battle of the trades begin! Logic4training is on a mission to discover a true picture of the culture behind building services. Are electricians better than plumbers when it comes to computers? Do solar thermal engineers do twitter better than oil installers? How do gas engineers really take their tea?...

What is the best App for tradesmen

 May, 26 - 2015   TechnologyPlumbing

What is the best app for tradesmen? Whether you’re a sparky, a plumber, a chippy or even a photographer? Introducing our new App partners: SmartTrade with exclusive benefits from Logic4training.    You’ve got your own business, you are your own boss, it’s a fantastic way to live but the administration tasks are...

Train with Logic4training and get 15% off a website

 May, 14 - 2015   Technology

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest trainee benefits partner is the UK’s number 1 website provider and specialises in websites for tradesmen. They offer completely managed website packages, which means that you don’t have to worry about the fiddly bits. All you have to do...

How to get a website – Mettrr

 May, 05 - 2015   Technology

Sole traders need a website! This article looks at why you should have a website, the important factors to consider when getting one built and an affordable, quick way of getting it done for you.   You’ve got your ACS, you’ve done your training with Logic4training and are now Gas Safe...

How are gas installers making the most of technology?

 Feb, 11 - 2015   Technology

Technology and the internet have revolutionised the way Installers work. With online resources becoming common place, we look at how things have changed for the modern heating engineer and how mobile technology affects the career.   Tablets and mobiles have become an almost in-escapable part of our lives over the...