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Protect Your Van From Thieves

 Apr, 18 - 2017   Tips/Advice

Despite the fact that vehicle crime figures have actually declined in the UK, there are still many business owners who still see their vehicles targeted by the thieves. Trevor Hodgson-Philips, Head of Service and Parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers some advice so van owners can better protect their vehicles. Parking...

Electrical Equipment Safety

 Dec, 01 - 2016   ElectricalTips/Advice

Business Companion have published an in-depth guide for England, Scotland & Wales, highlighting essential information for suppliers of electrical equipment, including CE marking. To ensure that you’re working in the safest environment electrical equipment is required to comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.  This means that if the equipment complies...

Plumbers Get Winter Ready

 Nov, 16 - 2016   Tips/AdvicePlumbing

With winter approaching, plumbers and water companies are working with weather experts to remind people on how to stay safe and warm.  The register for approved plumbing businesses, WaterSafe and various UK water companies are supporting the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaign by the Met Office. The campaign will provide people with information on how to prepare,...

Winter Tips For Trades People

 Nov, 09 - 2016   Tips/Advice

With the temperature expecting to drop below freezing this week, its time you prepare yourself for a tough couple of weeks at work.  We have found some tips/advice (courtesy of Simply Business) for you to follow to ensure that you’re working in the safest possible environment. We’re aware that many of you don’t work outside,...

Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarms

 Oct, 25 - 2016   SafetyTips/Advice

A recent investigation by Which? confirms that  1 in 5 CO detectors fail to work. Which? put the CO detectors through lab testing based on the EU safety standard and the results were shocking. It showed that 3/16 devices tested were so bad that, between them, they failed to go...