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Gas Logic Solutions?

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That’s not us! They say copying is the sincerest form of flattery but we’re not too happy about a completely unrelated company, Gas Logic Solutions, using the Gas Logic name against our wishes. We’re currently dealing with this matter in conjunction with our solicitors.

If you’re looking for high-quality, industry-leading gas and building services engineering training and consultancy then make sure you choose one of the Gas Logic brands; encompassing Logic4training, Electric Logic, Plumb Logic, Solar Logic and Logic4trade, covering the breadth of the BSE sector, plus the tools installers need to carry out their jobs. Gas Logic Solutions is nothing to do with this and has no affiliation with Gas Logic and these established brands.

Gas Logic has the solution for all your gas ACS training requirements, Gas Logic Solutions, well, we wouldn’t like to say!

Gas Logic: Gas safety training for ACS, assessment, re-assessment and new entrants courses available.

Electric Logic: City & Guilds courses for electricians, plus Part P training and AM2 assessment.

Plumb Logic: Training and assessment courses for plumbers.

Solar Logic: MCS recognised renewables training and new entrant’s courses.

Logic4trade: Your one stop shop for the tools and equipment building services engineers need to do their job.

Gas Logic Solutions: ? Nothing to do with us!

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