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Social distancing measures at Logic4training – In Pictures

June 17, 2020 featured image

After what was an anxious first week back training & assessing at all four of our training centres we are extremely pleased that all went very well. 

All of our efforts to ensure we maintained social distancing in all of the classrooms, practical areas and canteen, drink station areas.

We even built a “meet and greet” reception at our Northolt centre to ensure there was no grouping in our main reception.

logic4training welcome area

We found all of the Perspex screens are working very well and our customers seem to feel at ease with these measures.

Although a sheet of Perspex in March cost £25 it sharply rose to circa £90 a sheet by mid-May. We used lots of sheets over the 4 centres!

perspex classroom

Fresh air intake fans have been installed so some classrooms get an ample amount of fresh air ducted into the classrooms. 

We persevered and ensured all centres were kitted out with ample hand sanitiser stations and handwashing facilities.

l4t handwashing facilities

Due to the reduced class sizes and provision of visors for our candidates to use whilst carrying out closer contact practical tasks, our customer’s comments were very encouraging.

Face coverings - Logic4training

Please call our customer service team to find out more on 0208 845 7222 or use the contact form.

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