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 Sep, 22 - 2016   Bespoke Training Courses

Client Requirement We were approached by the KnowHow part of the DSG group, to deliver the City & Guilds 6014-03 Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation including cookers, tumble dryers and leisure for a group of the apprentices who had previously completed an apprenticeship for the installation, maintenance and repair...


 Sep, 15 - 2016   Bespoke Training Courses

We matched the team at Continua with one of our trainers and the team attended an on-site session, offering in-depth knowledge to broaden their skillset. Outcome Feedback This lead to a better understanding of basic electrical supplies which is essential for the technicians to carry out a wider range of...


 Sep, 15 - 2016   Bespoke Training Courses

Client requirement A general enquiry was made to our customer service team and was passed to electrical training specialist, Neil Parsons. After lengthy communications with the general manager, Logic4training arranged a site visit with Euraqua. During the visit it was established that there was a need to cross train 4...


 Sep, 15 - 2016   Bespoke Training Courses

Client Requirements One of Logic4training’s business development managers, Jim Moore, took an initial enquiry from Tesco. He arranged for director Mark Krull and one of our electrical training specialists, Neil Parsons, to meet with two engineering maintenance managers at Tesco Extra in Basildon to discuss their requirements. With so many...

Uxbridge High School

 Sep, 15 - 2016   Bespoke Training Courses

Client Requirements After an initial enquiry through the customer service team which was passed on to our trainer’s, one of our electrical specialist. The Academy does not employ a traditional caretaker. Instead, there is an on-site building maintenance team, responsible for a variety of tasks. Neil Parsons spoke to the...