This Apprenticeship is suitable for apprentices in job roles undertaken by facilities services operatives.

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Facilities Management (FM) involves providing a quality and cost effective maintenance and care service for a wide range of commercial and public buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, office and shopping complexes, arenas, educational or convention centres. Facilities Managers make sure that facilities such as security, catering and cleaning (referred to as ‘soft’ services) and maintenance and building services (referred to as ‘hard’ services) run smoothly, so that customers can run their businesses efficiently. The sector is also responsible for property and estates management, including energy management and environmental protection.

This framework is suitable for apprentices in job roles undertaken by facilities services operatives with duties including all or some of the following: securing the site, setting up rooms for events, assist with cleaning, site emergency and evacuation procedures, porterage, carrying out minor maintenance repairs, reading energy meters and using the intelligent BMS to control heating and ventilation.

At Logic4Training we work with employers and industry experts to deliver training that is purpose designed to improve your business functions and better support your most valuable asset: your people.

By working with us you will have access to a ready pool of talent, and dedicated resources to support you through the programme. We will help you with the recruitment process – through entry requirements, assessment days and interviews, to ensure that you get the right apprentice. Our expert assessors and relationship managers will be on hand to guide you and the apprentice through the programme. You won’t be left on your own; we will work with you to regularly review both the apprentice and the programme.

The Level 2 apprenticeships are delivered over 12 months (53 weeks). Apprentices will undertake a mix of on-the-job and off the job training to complete their Apprenticeship.

Facilities Services – total 342 GLH (Guided learning hours

149 GLH Knowledge training (22 days in centre training)

103 GLH Competence assessment (in the workplace)

90 GLH for Functional Skills in English and Maths at Level 1 if required (depending on the prior qualifications of learners)

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Facilities Services

  • C&G Level 2 Certificate in Facilities Services (60054761)
  • C&G Level 2 Certificate in Facilities Services Principles (60054761)
  • Functional Skills Level 1 in English and Maths– depending on the apprentices prior qualifications any or both of these functional skills will be covered
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Facilities Services

Competence Units : C&G 4429-21 Level 2 Certificate in Facilities Services (60054761)


  • Reduce Risks to Health and Safety in the Workplace M/600/2775
  • Promote and Maintain Service Delivery K/601/6478

Plus either:

  • Contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of premises and facilities H/601/6480 or
  • Develop Customer Relationships T/601/1526

Optional – 3 units from the list below:

  • Support the work of a team and develop yourself M/601/6501
  • Control the use of resources in a property, caretaking and facilities services D/601/6509
  • Maintain grounds of premises and facilities H/601/6513
  • Maintain site security and safety J/601/6522
  • Control the use of premises and facilities H/601/6527
  • Work safely at heights R/600/6348
  • Monitor and maintain electrical and plumbing services Y/601/6542
  • Carry out maintenance and minor repairs A/600/6344
  • Operate plant to maintain the quality of pool water A/601/4492
  • Deal with routine waste T/600/6326
  • Deal with non-routine waste T/600/6343
  • Deep clean equipment in premises and facilities L/601/6554
  • Handle mail T/601/2479
  • Support the co-ordination of an event D/601/2508
  • Moving and transporting individuals within a healthcare K/602/4029
  • Provide reception services K/601/2480
  • Clean and maintain internal surfaces and areas K/600/6324
  • Introduction to equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings L/601/5471
  • Transport physical resources within the work area J/502/1404

Knowledge Units: C&G 4429-22 Level 2 Certificate in Facilities Services Principles (60054773)

  • Unit 224 Working in Facilities Services
  • Unit 225 Health and Safety for Facilities Services
  • Unit 266 Working with Customers and Others in Facilities Services
  • Unit 227 Sustainability and Environmental Issues for Facilities Services

The Intermediate Level Apprenticeship is open to individuals of any age and does not impose any restrictions to entry. Responsibility for identifying the selection criteria lies with the employer who will have a clear idea of their requirements and Logic4Training can then support with the recruitment to these identified criteria.

On successful completion of the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Facilities Services, an apprentice will have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to:

  • Progress to learning and assessment programmes that lead to relevant Level 3 qualifications and/or Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Facilities Management
  • Progress in their career with further training into team leader or supervisor roles.
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