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This course is to give the learner the practical skills and the underpinning knowledge to undertake the installation and commissioning of smart metering systems. The aim is to deliver to the customer a positive and informative experience of the smart meter installation and the benefits that the installation can deliver in short and long term

It is expected that this will be for current or previously experienced and qualified electric meter change operatives returning who need to undertake smart meter specific  training (comms side) based on the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICOP) to ensure their knowledge and skills are fully up to date with the latest working practice and standards in installing, pairing and handover of smart meters (verification will be required)

Key areas you will understand:

  • Communication systems for smart metering systems
  • The benefits of communication technologies used in smart metering for both the customer and energy suppliers
  • The different types of in house display equipment
  • The home area network (HAN) and the wide area network (WAN) in relation to the smart metering system
  • Industry standard (SMICOP)

Key tasks you will be able to do:

  • Install smart meters
  • Install and commission communication systems for smart meters
  • Demonstrate and explain how the smart metering system functions to the customer
  • Demonstrate to the customer the benefits in both the long and short term of smart metering technology

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2 Days
455 Ex VAT

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