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The qualification is for learners that are new to the industry and wish to learn how to install and exchange power smart meters in domestic dwellings. It is also suitable for existing installers who intend to up skill and carry out work in a new industry sector.

Once registered for the qualification learners are provided with a portfolio book and qualification record where details of their guided learning and on site supervised work practice is recorded. This enables learners, employer and training centre to monitor progression and provides the evidence required to assist assessors when making claims for certification.

Learners undertake learning at our training centre. This enables learners to practice and learn installing and exchanging smart meters in a safe and controlled environment which simulates real work situations.

When the fundamental principles of installing and exchanging smart meters have been learnt, learners commence their on-site supervised work practice under the supervision of a competent and experienced smart meter installer. This person acts as the learner’s mentor who provides advice, guidance and support in addition to confirming when and where the learner has met the required standard for installing and exchanging power smart meters.