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Logic4training’s Domestic Gas Heating Installer (DGHI) – Experienced Trades package is designed for operatives with at least 2 years’ experience in a related trade (plumber, kitchen fitter or similar) who are looking to gain the relevant qualifications in order to join Gas Safe Register and work on gas.

The DGHI is an in-depth training programme and takes place over 20 days.

The course covers all aspects of domestic gas safety and includes Logic4training’s Approved Prior Learning course.

The cost of the course includes training, a training manual, assessment, the certification fee and the Candidate Workbook for recording on-site work experience.

The DGHI – Experienced Trades Route, is designed for operatives with transferable skills who are familiar with working in related areas, such as plumbing or who are currently working under the supervision and training of a Gas Safe Registered company or person.

To enrol on this course you will know how to install hot and cold water pipework and fittings competently.

You will have 2 years’ experience in a related trade and/or a recognised qualification. Verification and an assessment will be required.

To determine whether operatives are suitable for the DGHI experienced trades route, Logic4training provides a free of charge induction session, offering potential candidates a chance to look around our centres and meet the trainers.

At the end of this induction session those looking to progress on to the DGHI experienced trades course will undertake a short assessment to measure their knowledge and confirm their experience.

Book one of our FREE Open day induction sessions.

Please bring evidence of your experience and any qualification certificates you wish to be considered for meeting the entry requirements.

The Domestic Gas Heating Installer – Experienced trades package is for operatives who are looking to become Gas Safe Registered but do not currently have the skills to undertake the ACS Scheme qualifications.

Following successful completion of the 3 week DGHI APL gas training course, operatives will then complete their portfolio of on-site work experience and 5 boiler installs, as required by the ACS Scheme.

You can do your on-site portfolio and boiler installations with a Gas Safe Registered engineer or we can provide a portfolio building service for both at a cost of £1000 +VAT.

Following that, operatives will undertake a 5 day revision and assessment course.

This course includes 2 days of refresher training followed by the Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and Central Heating Boilers / Water Heaters (CENWAT) assessments.

The cost of the 5 day revision and assessment course is £750.00 + vat

The DGHI – Experienced trades package course covers the following areas:

  • Gas safety regulations.
  • Unsafe situation procedures
  • Combustion
  • Pipesizing
  • Gas testing
  • Purging
  • Installation pressures
  • Gas rating
  • Flues
  • Ventilation
  • Controls
  • Combustion performance analysis
  • Hot water systems and safety
  • Energy efficiency

CKR & HTR1 are not included in the package. For training programmes starting From Monday 1st October 2018, you have to be be registered with Gas Safe Register for a minimum of 6 months before being able to add CKR1 (cookers) and HTR1 (Fires).

The course includes practical assessments and multiple choice question papers. Successful operatives will receive a Logic Certification Certificate of Training.

The Logic Certification Domestic Gas Safety Training Manual is supplied as part of this course. Pre-course reading of this training manual is strongly recommended.

The Clublogic online learning and revision package is also included for this course so learners can continue to learn and reinforce their knowledge whilst away from the centre.

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Northolt £3,300.00 0208 845 7222
Luton £3,300.00 01582 562702
Basildon £3,300.00 01268 413315
Sittingbourne £3,300.00 01795 505991
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2640.00 Ex VAT
deko finance

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