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This qualification was designed with the CIPHE and the Heat Pump Association.

The objective of this Level 3 RQF qualification is for candidates to be up-skilled to the requirements for low temperature heating systems, particularly for Heat Pumps, it will allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and understand the need and requirements for designing and installing low temperature heating and hot water systems in dwellings.

This is an LCL Awards Level 3 qualification designed with the CIPHE and the Heat Pump Association with the help of their members to meet the need for now and the future that all heating systems be designed with a low temperature aim from the outset to maximize efficiency of the system.

The Learner will:

  • Know the latest industry standards and regulatory framework relating to heating design
  • Know the requirements for undertaking a room by room heat loss for a property
  • Know how to correctly size heat emitters for low temperature heating systems
  • Know how to correctly size pumps and pipework
  • Know how to correctly size a domestic hot water system
  • Know the basic design principles of system configurations

This qualification is not only applicable to Heat Pump installation designs but applies to all heating system whether heat pumps, gas, oil, Biomass, or LPG and supports the move in Building Regulations to Low Temperature for the design ALL new heating systems regardless of the heat source.