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Our Solar Future Needs YOU!

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The recent announcement that a Government consultation is taking place to review, and potentially reduce, Feed-in Tariffs for solar photovoltaics (see our last Blog) is having widespread repercussions.

Our Solar Future, which campaigns for solar revolution in the UK, has damned the consultation as a threat to the development of solar power which will ‘kill the industry and destroy thousands of jobs’.

It has consequently launched a ‘Cut Don’t Kill Campaign’, asking supporters to sign a petition and lobby Parliament at a solar rally planned for November 22nd.

With 4,000 solar businesses employing 25,000 people, the industry is currently thriving and this has been significantly aided by the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Our Solar Future wants to ensure that the Government is aware of the industry’s success and what the consequences would be of a drastic cut in tariffs.

Whilst a gradual reduction in the tariff is to be expected, if this is done too soon and too quickly it could threaten not just the success of the solar industry but that of the entire renewables sector – and significantly hold back the green future of the UK

To find out more and offer your support, visit the Our Solar Future website now.

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