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Hager Product Safety Recall

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After identifying a raw material nonconformity, Hager has announced a product safety recall for its 10kA Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs).

The raw material nonconformity could affect its function which can result in a MCB malfunction.

It is important you check and follow these steps as failure to do so could result a fire or even an electrical shock threat.

What to do?

  1. STOP the Installation of Hager 10kA MCBs.
  2. Identify any Distribution Boards where you have installed Hager 10kA MCBs with the below references.
  3. Make an inventory of the number of MCBs you have installed for each reference concerned.
  4. Immediately replace any Hager 10kA MCBs you have installed which have the below references. Also remove any of these from your stock and either send them back directly to Hager or contact them and they will arrange a collection.
  5. Document and report back your costs (travel, checking & replacing, time & material) with evidence­.

References (Sold between 7th July 2016 – 25th September 2016)


If the code is shown in the table below, RETURN to Hager.


Where to find references

If your product is still in the original cartoon you will find a 8-digit date code (Year/Day/Time) like below. Anything up to 6188 is ok. Anything is between 6189 – 6269 please return. Anything 6270 and onward is ok.


If your product is not in the original carton you can find the 10kA rating like below. You should notice a date code on the MCB at the top surface above the grey actuator. This relates to the week of manufacture.



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