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Smart Meter Target Threatened

February 20, 2017 featured image

New research suggests that an emerging north/south divide could possibly affect the governments plan to install smart meters in around 50 million homes by the end of 2020.

Smart meters have been strong in the north. 19% of homes in the north west and around a quarter of homes in the north east have already installed a new smart meter.

However, as a result of a lack of commitment among homeowners in the south, only 8% of homes in London have installed a meter. This could potentially result in the government missing its ambitious installation target.

Understanding The Reports

ECTA Training report shows the scale of the task the government is facing. The report also shows the wider energy industry. This tells readers only 4.9 million smart meters have been installed so far.

Only 10% of homes in the south west and 13% in the south east already have a smart meter. (According to the report, ‘Smart Meters: The consumer view’).

Furthermore, the findings suggest that more has to been done when it comes to educating homeowners about the benefits. A shocking 44% of consumers have admitted to now knowing why smart meters would be good for their energy bills.

So, will the self-imposed deadline be met in 3 years?

Dave Berry, Director at ECTA Training:

“With the government less than ten per cent of the way towards its smart meter installation target. More needs to be done to educate homeowners to their benefits, particularly in areas of low uptake.

“In the north west, and wider northern region, we have seen a significant rise in the installation of smart meters as consumers become more aware of the benefits and potential savings they can offer. But this information is not getting through south of the border. It now poses a serious threat to the plan to get 50 million meters installed by 2020.”

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