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BFCMA’s New Commercial Flue Guide

October 14, 2016 featured image

The British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association (BFCMA) have created a new guide so that you can get a clearer understanding of how chimneys and flues should be selected and installed in commercial applications.

It also offers guidance on CE designations and even highlights key points from the regulations.

The guide includes various sections such as;

  • Chimney principles
  • Regulations
  • Types of Chimney & Flue
  • Chimney & Flue Design
  • Chimney/Flue Height
  • The Clean Air Act
  • Maintenance

In the chimney and flue market, stainless steel flues is the most commonly used material. Therefore, the guide focuses on this by categorising them into different systems so that you know the applications they are designed for.

REMEMBER: The chimney and flue must act in accordance with with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) because it’s classed as part of the building.

So designers, architects, builders, and heating engineers make sure you understand your individual requirements.

Visit to download a copy.

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