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Corgi gas training – A history of safety

August 7, 2014 featured image

Corgi gas training does not exist. You are most likely referring to becoming gas safe registered through the appropriate training and assessment scheme.

Gas training has evolved over the years. Most of us remember the name CORGI as something other than a royal dog or a brand of highly collectable antique toy cars.

CORGI (Council for registered gas installers) was established in 1970 as a direct response of the Ronan Point gas explosion of 1968. Although gas explosions were seen as a danger to the public the biggest danger from gas was, and still is, carbon monoxide. CORGI were instrumental in keeping the public safe and raising awareness of gas safety issues. They did a great job of making it common practice to have boilers regularly serviced and issued with safety certificates, as well as encouraging people to report known illegal gas work.

From 1991 to 2009 registration to CORGI was a legal requirement for gas operatives and businesses throughout the UK. In 2009 Gas Safe Register replaced them as the official registration scheme for installers and maintenance engineers dealing with gas appliances.

Gas safe register are now doing more than ever to promote gas safety. Gas safety week is taking place 15th – 21st September 2014 and aims to raise even more awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

For more information and to find and check an engineer go to or call 0800 408 5500.

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