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CORGI Gas Training

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CORGI gas training? You should have been Gas Safe Registered since 2009!

CORGI used to be the official registration body for UK gas installers, but things have changed and since April 2009 the Gas Safe Register’s taken over the position.

Despite this, we still get customers looking for CORGI gas training courses and assessments, when what they really need to undertake is the Approved Certification Scheme (ACS training and assessment). On successful completion of your ACS you are eligible for Gas Safe Registration.

It’s not just installers who are confused, many customers are still looking out for CORGI registered engineers, which could leave them open for abuse from gas fitters who haven’t kept their training up to date. Educate end-users, show your Gas Safe Registered ID card and make sure you complete all relevant gas safety assessments.

With CORGI ingrained in the industries consciousness for so many years, it may be that you still refer to this body out of habit. While seemingly harmless, it’s important that you don’t do this in order not to confuse homeowners.

So remember, the Gas Safe Register now safeguards the UK gas industry. To achieve your place on the list you need to undertake ACS training and assessment, NOT CORGI gas training courses.

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