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Checklist – When do I need CMDDA1?

April 7, 2016 featured image

Different working situations require different qualifications and there are so many, particularly with gas, it can be difficult to keep up.

You need to make sure you are working within the law and have the correct qualifications.

So when is CMDDA1 sufficient and when is it not?


CMDDA1 is required if you want to investigate a report of fumes or CO alarm activation in accordance with BS 7967 and use an ECGA (Electronic Combustion Gas Analyser) to draw conclusions about the gas appliances in the premises.

Not Required:

When you carry out GSIUR 26(9) appliance safety checks following gas work, which may or may not follow a report of fumes, you do not need CMDDA1.

Not sufficient:

If you wish to carry out incident investigation (fatality or major injury), you need a specialist qualification: CMDDA1 is not appropriate nor is it sufficient.

Gas Safe Register stress that any activities covered by BS 7967 are not aimed at people who are involved in investigating deaths or major injury as investigations relating to these types of incidents (RIDDOR 11(1) reportable), must only be undertaken by suitably qualified people under direction of a gas supplier and/or relevant health and safety enforcement authority, following the guidance given in IGE/GL/8 edition 2 published by IGEM.

Incident investigations require a specialist competence/qualification to conduct them in accordance with appropriate standards, such as IGE/GL/8 reporting and investigation of gas related incidents.

Engineers who undertake formal investigations must be able to prove their competence, especially with regard to their own safety and the safety of others who might be in the building. Achieving CMDDA1 does not provide such proof of competence.

Logic4training delivers a comprehensive 2 day CMDDA1 course designed to test the competence of gas installers.

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