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When is it illegal to display Gas Safe Register logos?

June 1, 2015 featured image

Did you know it is illegal to display Gas Safe Register logos anywhere if you are not Gas Safe Registered? Even displaying a Gas Safe Logo on your website could land you with a hefty fine, as one tradesman found out the hard way.

55 year old Graham Venables from Dunfermline used logos for the Gas Safe Register and enhanced disclosure certification on his website to mislead customers in to believing he had the qualifications and expertise to work on Gas in their homes, something he was not permitted to do.

Dunfermline Sheriff Court was told that Mr Venables business, Hire Me, had been dissolved with debts of £20,000. He was then fined £1,500.

Mr Venables admitted he had been displaying logos for PVG Enhanced Disclosure Scotland and the Gas Safe Register on his business website without authorisation or permission of the trade association.

You can only display Logo’s from Gas Safe Register or any other trade association if you have the valid certificates and have the permission of the relevant trade associations.

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“Our logo is a valuable asset. It’s probably the most important expression of our brand – a guarantee of the quality and service that people expect from us. It is the badge of gas safety, so we need to make sure we use it carefully.”

 “The Gas Safe Register logo may be used by or licensed to third parties in certain circumstances with permission from Gas Safe Register. The Health and Safety Executive is the owner of the logo and Gas Safe can licence the logo subject to certain terms and conditions. In order for a business to sell products using the Gas Safe logo for general re-sale they will need to have a licence agreement. Gas Safe do not endorse products and licences will be issued solely for the purpose of gas safety.”

(Taken from Gas Safe Register’s brand guidelines)

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