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Landlord Bans Plumbers

 Jan, 13 - 2017   General

Britain’s biggest landlord has just announced that he will not rent his properties to plumbers, battered wives, single parents, smokers in addition to many more. 

Fergus Wilson, who owns a property Empire in Kent has posted a document online outlining its latest letting criteria which includes 11 strict rules for those unable to rent from him.

Who are the unlucky 11 who are unable to rent from him? Well …

  • Tenants with children under 18
  • Only tenants with a Rent Guarantee
  • Single Mums or Dads
  • Tenants on Housing Benefits
  • Low income workers
  • Zero hour worker
  • Plumbers
  • Battered wives
  • Smokers
  • Tenants with pets

So what’s his reasoning for this? When speaking to the Telegraph Fergus Wilson says that his letting criteria is ‘just economics’. Furthermore, Fergus mentions ‘it is the governments job to help poor people’. Additionally, below are some quotes throughout the interview;

“Plumbers come up with jobs that don’t need doing”.

“We have had a disproportionate amount ringing up and them saying ‘this needs doing, that needs doing and I’ll send you a bill’, and you think ‘Christ, they are having me on’.”

‘He felt sorry for victims of domestic abuse, but he won’t accept them as tenants because aggressive partners cause damage to his properties’.

“It costs us money and we basically have all the trouble of putting it back together again,” he said. “You have the property empty for a couple of months if something like paint has been thrown around. If we don’t take battered wives, this doesn’t happen.

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