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Attention All Heating Engineers: New Standard BS 7593:2019

July 11, 2019 featured image

A new BS standard has been introduced to cover the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic heating and cooling water systems. It replaces BS7593:2016, which has now been withdrawn.

The publication is designed to drive the adoption of best practice for the health of the whole system, not just the boiler. The new standard focuses on water treatment chemistry and filtration so that systems can be maintained, monitored and protected for the long term. Increasing the life expectancy of the system as a whole

What are the key changes?

  • BS 7593:2019 is applicable to all closed loop heating systems and cooling circuits
  • A permanent in-line filter is now required on all systems – in addition to a chemical clean and fresh water flush
  • The in-line filter should be serviced annually and as part of the recommissioning process
  • Every year a water test must be undertaken, to assess the level of inhibitor and the system’s cleanliness
  • Biocide is required in cooling and low temperature heating systems (that run below 60 degrees) and should be considered for higher temperature systems during periods of downtime.
  • Inhibited antifreeze should be used in systems liable to freezing
  • Measures to improve recommended cleaning methods have been introduced, including the use of external magnetite capture equipment and the mechanical vibration of radiators
  • Inhibitor must now be re-dosed every five years if a full system water test is not undertaken.

Why is this important?

The adoption of the industry’s new code of practice will significantly improve the length of service and the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.  Poor water quality is the reason the majority of boilers that fail in their first year so taking a greater responsibility for system health and cutting down on needless waste can only be a good thing.

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