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Demand for OFTEC training as oil prices fall

September 4, 2015 featured image

Demand for Oil installers is set to rise as Oil prices continue to fall, leading to an increase in installers considering OFTEC training courses.

Oil prices in Great Britain have reached a six year low according to the latest figures from the Sutherland Tables, a recognised independent source of data on comparative domestic heating prices.

The figures show that annual oil heating costs have fallen a further 4.7% over the past three months.

  • It now costs just £886 per year to heat an average three bedroom home in Great Britain. That’s 18.5% cheaper than mains Gas currently making oil the cheapest heating fuel on the market.
  • Compared to the equivalent costs of LPG and electricity, oil appears even cheaper, currently 44% cheaper than LPG and 45% cheaper than electricity.
  • It also appears as though this drop in price is here to stay for the next few years, meaning there is sure to be an increase in demand for OFTEC approved oil heating installers.
  • The new figures also show a regional variation in oil prices, with the lowest cost seen in the South West of England and Wales at just £803 per year, and the highest annual cost of £1,000 in Scotland. Oil consumers in the Midlands are also faring well, with an average annual cost of £846.

This is a good time to train on oil boilers and get the right qualifications to work on oil heating systems.

Logic4training runs a number of specialist OFTEC training courses for installers wanting to work on oil heating systems.

Learn more about our OFTEC oil courses

Keep an eye on Renewable Energy

We are still staunch supporters of renewable heating systems, believing them to be key to a better future for generations to come.

The current government has, seemingly, backed out of a lot of promises since being re-elected.

The green deal has fallen apart and, recently, the FiTs scheme is expecting to receive cuts in funding to both the domestic and commercial versions of the Feed in Tariffs.

There is, however, still a big uptake in private house owners going solar and investing in other sources of renewable energy to heat and power their homes.

Have a look at our range of renewable energy training courses and prepare for the future today.

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