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New ‘Tank Safe’ Campaign

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OFTEC and NICC have launched a new campaign to ensure that over 400,000 oil-heated homes in Northern Ireland are ‘tank safe’.

The campaign was launched to raise awareness that older tanks can have various problems, therefore its important that homeowners understand how to look after their oil tank.

Check out their information video below, offering advice and answers to the FAQ’s found on Oilsave website.

For more information call David Blevings on 02 891 862 916 or 07714 705 120

Paul Rose, OFTEC CEO says;

“Tanks are often the forgotten part of an oil heating system but it is vitally important their condition is maintained to ensure safe oil storage.

“Fortunately, oil leaks are rare but the consequences of a spill can be high, causing not only inconvenience and cost to the homeowner, but a serious environmental issue. Neglecting a tank is clearly false economy.

“Our new Tank Safe campaign aims to get across the importance having a safe, secure and regularly checked tank. This will not only help protect the environment but also the reputation of the oil heating industry, as well as technicians’ relationships with individual oil heating customers.”

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