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Changes to G3 Building Regulations

May 4, 2011

Prompted by an increase in reported hot water scalding accidents, namely by the young and elderly, revisions to Part G of the Building Regulations came into force last April.

The main amendments to the Building Regulations are as follows:

• Baths in new homes must be fitted with protective measures, such as a thermostatic mixing valve, limiting the temperature of the hot water.
• A water efficiency standard of 125 litres per day for new homes.
• Extension of existing safety measures to all types of hot water systems (not just vented ones)
• Clear guidelines for where grey water and harvested rainwater can be safely used

These changes now affect all heating and hot water installations across England and Wales, with the most significant alterations to section G3 of the building regulations.

G3: Hot water supply & systems
Previously this part of the regulation only included unvented hot water, but now covers all systems, including:

• Cold water storage cistern changes
• Updated requirements for discharge from safety devices
• Solar hot water
• Plastic soil stacks
• Heater wholesome water
• Vented hot water storage systems

In response to these changes, Logic4training has introduced has launched a new, Hot Water Systems and Safety (HWSS) course, which replaces its pre-existing unvented hot water training, covering both vented and unvented systems.

Offering both initial training and re-assessment, plumbers who already hold the pre-existing Unvented Hot Water certificate are eligible for re-assessment. Book your HWSS course place now.

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