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How to get smart meter jobs – Advice for installers

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Becoming a Smart Meter installer


Smart Meters are set to become a fixture in most UK homes, with 50 million domestic properties due to have a Smart Meter installed by 2020. This is going to create a tidal wave of smart meter jobs.

If you want to become a Smart Meter Installer, you need to get yourself involved with the energy providers and other companies in charge of the Smart Meter roll-out, with Smart Meter training essential.

Smart Meter installer jobs

Smart Meter jobs are available through energy companies, Utility Contractors, housing associations and specialist installation firms. You can find the latest Smart Meter installer positions on the National Careers Service website.

With some of the big six energy suppliers already beginning the Smart Meter roll-out, Smart Meter jobs are starting to become available. 2016 will be when things really start to kick off, with plans to install at least 20 million Smart Meters between 2016 and 2018 and demand peaking in 2019. Smart Meters will first be installed in urban and semi-urban areas.

Smart Meter installer training

Many Smart Meter installers will be complete new entrants, but existing electricians and/or gas engineers can up-skill to include Smart Meter installation in their offering, providing a worthwhile additional business stream over the next few years.

You don’t need any specific qualifications to start training as a Smart Meter installer though some employers may prefer you to have a minimum of four GCSEs or equivalent. Qualifications in maths, English, science, design and technology or electronics would all be useful.

Beyond qualifications and technical skills, the key to becoming a good Smart Meter installer is being able to educate customers in how to use their Smart Meter and understand its readings. End users must be able to make better decisions about how they use electricity and gas that result in money saving (and carbon reduction) in order to make the Smart Meter roll out a success.

There are Smart Meter training courses for electrical, gas and dual fuel meters, with a range of routes, including apprenticeships, depending on experience. Logic4training will be offering Smart Meter courses, for more information, click here.


Once you have been suitably trained to become a Smart Meter installer, electricians will need authorisation from a Power Supplier to install meters. Your employer will also certify you as competent through the Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA).

You can learn more about the smart meter roll-out Here

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