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Beware Dodgy Training Centre Scams

May 6, 2016 featured image

In recent months we have had candidates coming to our centre having fallen victim to scams from so called training centres and colleges that are not what they seem.

People are being targeted by pressure selling on their doorstep, with sales representatives knocking on their doors and offering courses at extortionate prices. Often these courses don’t exist, or are not what they seem.

One of our candidates was sold an Electrician course for £7000 for a centre in Watford and was then told he would have to take his exams in Essex.

Some of the scammers appear to be targeting ex-servicemen, offering training for a new career and often promoting unrealistic expectations.


Tips for avoiding the scammers

  • No legitimate training centre should be knocking on your door using pressure tactics. Do not trust anything of this nature.


  • Make sure the qualifications on offer allow you to join the relevant competent persons schemes or enable you to carry out the work you need to carry out.


  • If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a training course find out which certification body they use and check with the certification body to find out if they are a licenced centre.


  • Find out where the assessment is due to take place BEFORE signing up to anything.


  • A training centre should have its own training facilities, they should not have to sub-let. If you can’t go to a centre and see the facilities for yourself you should not trust this company.

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