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Logic4training’s Gas Safety for Insulation Installers training course is designed to ensure domestic insulation and/or external cladding installers understand the risks associated with gas and other fossil fuel appliances within the context of their work.

Delivered in-centre & on-site, it provides a thorough understanding of basic gas safety and legislation to promote safe working practices.

The UK has some of the worst performing housing stock in Europe. As we head towards net zero and in the face of rising energy costs, increasing the energy efficiency of domestic buildings through adequate insulation is becoming an urgent priority.

This gas safety awareness course is recognised by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) and is designed specifically for operatives who install cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and domestic external cladding systems.

The course covers a range of basic gas safety relevant to insulation installers, including legislation, combustion, flues and ventilation and domestic pipework insulation (if required).

On successful completion, operatives will have a thorough understanding of the risks presented by fossil fuel appliances, including gas boilers, pipework and associated equipment, and how to mitigate those risk to ensure safe practice.