Our first aid at work courses are for employers and employees who need or want to develop an understanding of first aid techniques. The courses provide information and training in case of minor incidents or more serious emergencies in the work place. As a minimum, a low-risk workplace such as a small office should have a first aid box and a person appointed to take charge of first-aid arrangements (for example calling the emergency services if necessary). Try before you buy – Register for a free trial

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide information about first-aid arrangements to their employees.

If the workplace has more significant health hazards such as heavy machinery or hazardous materials you are more than likely going to need a trained first-aider

A first-aid needs assessment will help employers decide what first aid arrangements are appropriate for their workplace.

You should consider the circumstances of your workplace, workforce and the health and safety risks that may be present to help you decide what arrangements you need to put in place.



Our First Aid courses are delivered through our partners Videotile and are IIRSM approved