Recent career change statistics show that the average person will change careers between five and seven times during their working life, so if you feel stuck in a rut and it’s time for a change, you’re not alone.

It appears that as we get older, an increasing number of us are looking for a new challenge – to find work that’s more satisfying.

How do you go about changing your career?

Take a look at yourself: Spend some time working out what your skills are and draw up a short-list of what you enjoy doing.

Do your research: Look into different job roles to find out what appeals to you and what you may be suited to. You can then identify potential new careers that tie in with the skills and personal qualities you already possess.

Don’t limit yourself: Explore new ideas and careers, don’t just look at what you know. New technologies mean there are new jobs out there that you may not have thought about.

Be prepared to train: You’ll be surprised what you can take on once you’ve got some relevant training under your belt.

Returning to the classroom isn’t as daunting as it may seem and many courses are designed for older learners – who are often prepared to go the extra mile.

Apprenticeships, for example, no longer have an upper age limit.

Plan ahead. If your career move involves some training, your income is likely to take a hit, so be prepared and make plans to ensure your monthly outgoings can be covered.

Training routes to a new career

We offer excellent training in all areas of the building services engineering sector.

Our Domestic Gas Heating Installer (DGHI) – New Entrants Course, for example, has been designed for people with no prior experience wishing to enter the gas, heating and plumbing industry.

On completion of the training, successful candidates will be at the correct-level to undertake Gas ACS training and assessment – a pre-requisite of becoming a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

The topics covered are broken down into easy-to-digest sections, with industry recognised qualifications and certificates of competence awarded on completion of each module.

For more information, please click here

Upgrade existing skills

We also run new entrants courses for existing gas engineers who are looking to diversify – into Commercial Heating or Catering, for instance.

Find out more about our suite of courses for the gas sector, here

It’s never too late to change careers!

As many of us are working for longer these days it’s important enjoy what we’re doing. Figures produced by the Office for National Statistics show that as many as one in five middle-aged people are giving up their existing careers in favour of starting something new.

Whatever your age or experience, there are ways to change your career. Don’t get stuck in a rut, consider training your way to a new, exciting and more rewarding future!

Considering a move into the gas sector? Find out the best training route for you, here.

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