Plumbing is a rewarding career and in high demand. It requires traveling from one client to another, so your tool bag needs to be always ready for the variety of tasks.

Whether you’re an experienced plumber or a complete newbie you need to have a bag to accommodate your tools! Logic4training provides a free toolkit for students who sign up for their Plumbing, Heating and Gas Packages, this helps students have a feel for the essential tools every plumber needs.

Let’s have a close look at plumbing students tool bag essentials!

Plumbing Students tool bag essentials

Tool Bag

Your tool bag tends to be full of different tools to accommodate the needs of your clients, that’s is why it needs to be light but sturdy. Logic4training’s plumbing students receive a tool bag that makes it easy to organise tools with compartments which make it handy to store a variety of tools.

Gas Torch

Perfect for soldering and blazing. This tool is essential for soldering copper pipes together and is another must have.

Spirit Level

Spirit levels are designed to indicate whether a surface is completely level. This plumbing students tool bag essential makes it easy for you ensure that the surface you’re working on is even.

Adjustable Wrench

Unlike a conventional spanner, the adjustable wrench eliminates the need for multiple sized tools.

Mixed Screw Driver Set

The next tool that is a plumbing students tool bag essential is a mixed screw driver set. Not all size fits all, having a variety of screw drivers at your disposal prepares you for any screw that comes across!

Pump Pliers

Working on a slippery surface whilstย  turning and holding nuts and bolts can me a difficult task. With a good set of pump pliers in your tool bag you will have a solid grip.


The final tool in plumbing students tool bag essentials are gloves. Working with pipes and other materials that can be dangerous. Wearing the right gloves protects you from all these possible hazards.

What’s your tool bag essential? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!ย 

Are you new to plumbing and don’t know where to start?

Logic4training has put together The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Plumbing. This guide contains everything you need to know; from where to start to what to expect from the job. Logic4training guides give you all the information you may possibly need to help you decide on the best route to take to succeed!

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